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SmartStyle specialise in the development and delivery of programmes which meet the needs of all levels of staff. We have developed a number of tried and tested learning interventions and support mechanisms, which provide vital help to client organisations during the lifecycle of software upgrade projects.

By working in partnership with our clients we are able to ensure the approach and provision of support is appropriate for each individual organisation.

Instructor Led Migration Workshops

Migration training focuses on the differences between the software currently in use and the version which will be rolled out to users. It is not necessarily intended to upskill users or furnish them with new skills, however it can be an opportunity to introduce or reinforce certain practices or ways of working.

Typically, SmartStyle delivers half-day workshops to the general user audience, covering common concepts and new ways of working. Obviously, the duration of the session can be flexible and dependant on what content, and how many applications an organisation wishes to cover.

Learning is very much hands-on, meaning all users have the opportunity to put into practice what has been explained and demonstrated to them. We believe this is absolutely key to minimising disruption following the upgrade and allows for understanding to be checked and knowledge issues to be addressed.


Instructor Led 'What's New' Sessions

In addition to Migration workshops, “application specific” training sessions on any of the Microsoft Office applications can be delivered. Sessions for the general user audience are typically half a day in duration. A two-day workshop is available for Power Users.  

‘What's New’ sessions assume users already possess the requisite knowledge and skills for that application, the focus of the sessions is to cover new and enhanced functionality within each of the applications. It is also an opportunity to run shorter sessions around specific topics, which may only be relevant for a small percentage of the user population, e.g. PivotTables in Excel or Mail Merge in Word.


Courses for Helpdesk Staff, 'Product Champions' and Power Users

A natural consequence of any upgrade project is an increase in traffic to an organisation’s helpdesk. It is essential to ensure that all helpdesk personnel, or key employees who have been identified as power users/product champions, are adequately equipped to support the wider user community. 

‘Power User’ Migration workshops and ‘What's New’ courses can be delivered at SmartStyle's training centres, or onsite at client premises anywhere in the UK.


Floorwalking & Deskside Support

A trainer can provide additional support in the workplace; or alternatively on an organisation’s IT helpdesk, offering assistance and advice on ‘real life’ situations and problems.

This type of training and support is often used to complement new technology rollouts. Floorwalking is also ideal for users who need to ‘fill gaps’ rather than attend a structured training session.


Review of Business-Critical DocumentsSmartStyle provide a fast review and update service for any business-critical forms, documents, spreadsheets or databases, testing their stability in the new application and resolving any compatibility conflicts or issues.

Implementation Support

We regularly participate in, and contribute to, manager and staff briefings before implementation; or provide input for internal communications, to ensure a clear and positive message is conveyed about why the upgrade is taking place, how it is being supported and how it will directly benefit personnel and the organisation as a whole.


Project ManagementAll SmartStyle clients benefit from comprehensive and robust administrative support. We have extensive experience of working with our clients in scheduling learning events during intensive rollouts of training, and regularly work in partnership to develop logistical solutions and ensure facilities and equipment are available.

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