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The introduction of a project management process inevitably results in a significant business and culture change. Many organisations appreciate the benefits of adopting a structured approach to project management at a strategic level; however, converting the vision into reality can be quite a challenge especially as there is no single training course or qualification that will transform an effective manager into a successful project manager.

Successful implementation is not achieved through a single event or intervention, but through a process of awareness raising, and embedment of new skills. There are several integral elements which must be considered to ensure that a structured approach becomes adopted within the organisation.

SmartStyle can support this change and provide consultancy to support the definition of a structured project management process that is fit for your business or team. The ‘SmartStyle Connect’ process is a tried and tested approach designed to include activities that impact at all levels.

SmartStyle Connect

At SmartStyle, we appreciate the benefits of a rigorous approach to project management and have developed our own unique methodology with supporting tools and services that ensure your technology or process change will deliver real results. SmartStyle Connect is SmartStyle’s model for connecting people’s skills, capabilities and behaviours with the systems and processes they need to use:

  • Needs Analysis & Diagnosis
  • Solution Design & Development
  • Delivery & Deployment
  • Anchoring & Embedding


Project Management Learning Interventions

Keep it on Track - Successful Project Management
Successful project management is founded on practical skills and project management techniques, combined with an understanding of how these are applied within an organisation’s chosen project management process. An effective project manager requires knowledge and skills in both of these interdependent areas.

Our "Keep It on Track" courses, which run regularly in Bradford and Liverpool, are practical, interactive and engaging learning experiences. Project management is brought to life through activities and case study work that involves participants and increases skills retention.

Integrate this training with SmartStyle’s Microsoft Project courses and you will be equipping project managers with all the skills and tools they will need to be effective.

Bespoke Project Management Training
Project Management training can be tailored to incorporate your organisation’s specific project management methodology. This ensures that participants not only gain the required knowledge and skills, but they are able to immediately apply them when they are back in their workplace. Project management training can be delivered at our training centres, or onsite at your premises anywhere in the UK.

Microsoft Project Training Courses
Available on our public schedule in Bradford, Liverpool and Barnsley, as well as on-site at your premises, our courses equip project managers with the practical skills to exploit Microsoft Project to create, resource and track their projects effectively. Our instructors are all Microsoft Certified with exceptional delivery skills, ensuring that courses are interactive, informative and enjoyable.

PRINCE2® Training & Certification
If your organisation wishes to adopt accredited project management methodology, SmartStyle can provide PRINCE2 ® Foundation and Practitioner courses and examinations. Certification can be obtained at training centres throughout the UK, or if you have a group of project managers requiring accreditation, on-site at your premises.


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