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With so much focus on smarter working and performance improvement, there has never been a better time to make the case for identifying the skills gaps within your organisation and mapping the actual skills people require to the roles they perform.

A comprehensive skills gap analysis ensures the right training is targeted at the right people:

  • Are you sure that the investment in your people is targeted where it will have most impact?
  • Can you evidence the business benefits achieved from money spent on training?
  • Can you substantiate where the bridging of skills gaps has affected performance?

Fiz-assist is an online skills gap assessment tool, developed by SmartStyle to provide accurate analysis of individuals’ needs, as well as clear evidence of skills progression, return on investment and on-going development.

As a fully hosted solution, there are no technical obstacles to gaining access to this automated end-to-end process, which allows users access from any web-enabled device.

Two versions of Fiz-assist are available:Fiz-assist standard

  • IT end-user skills gap analysis on ‘off the shelf‘ applications
  • Defines corporate strategy for end-user IT training
  • Enables prioritising of organisational skills gaps
  • Matches people to appropriate development

Fiz-assist plus

  • Provides the facility to create your own bespoke competency frameworks
  • Assesses the skills in your organisation on 'in-house' systems or business processes
  • Informs managers of areas of expertise in a particular area
  • Facilitates analysis of all areas that impact on performance

The Fiz-assist approachFiz-assist takes away the guesswork and provides a structured approach:

  • 'Competency sets' define target skill profiles according to job role
  • Individuals’ skill levels are assessed
  • Powerful reporting tools classify and organise skills gaps
  • Learning and development plans are created and mapped to learning and development interventions, be they internal or external

Key features & benefits

  • Consistent model and methodology for identifying essential workplace skills
  • Organisation-wide overview of skills gaps
  • Learning interventions are targeted and pitched at the right level with the right content
  • Fiz-assist’s ‘Skills Locator’ pinpoints individuals with valuable specialist knowledge and skills
  • Historical skills development records provide a sustainable process that supports and informs appraisals
  • Effective prioritising of training, maximising return on investment
  • Reporting functionality provides essential management information to assist planning and budgeting decisions


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