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SmartStyle leadership and management programmes seek to provide the practical support, education and progression required to develop managerial and leadership excellence.

As people take on more responsibility they are met with a range of challenges that require more than their accumulated knowledge and skills. People are typically promoted into positions of responsibility because they have demonstrated ability in their area of specialisation. People are not promoted because they are accomplished managers.

Our programmes focus on equipping managers with the confidence and skills to control and manage daily issues, whilst improving core behaviours and performance habits to deliver tangible and measurable results.

Programmes range from entry level management programmes to complex organisational development and culture change programmes for senior managers.

Programmes are modular in format and can be delivered in anything from 6-weeks to 12-months and beyond.

Action Learning

Participants are encouraged to adopt and apply skills and techniques to real life scenarios and challenges, thereby demonstrating a measurable impact on their performance and behaviour.

To reinforce learning and further enable contextualisation to take place, tasks are set for participants to undertake between modules. These tasks focus on participants applying the learning back in the workplace. We call this 'Action Learning'. 'Action Learning' promotes the embedding of new skills, concepts and principles.

We call our approach to devising coherent and inclusive management development programmes SCRIPT:


A full and detailed understanding of organisational objectives, the audience, the culture of the business and operational barriers are explored and considered at the outset of a programme.


The subjects, topics, activities and material used is tailored to each individual organisation, ensuring the learning addresses the required objectives and the content is meaningful and valid for the audience.


Real life working examples, scenarios and case studies are gathered for inclusion in programmes to ensure participants engage and understand the relevance of learning in relation to their own environment and role.


The desired outcomes and key performance indicators are established in order to measure the success and impact, together with the risks and benefits involved in delivering the programme.

Practical Application

It is important to ensure skills and techniques can be practically applied back in the workplace, providing evidence of proof of learning, at the same time as embedding new and improved behaviours and ways of working.


The review and ongoing evaluation of the success, impact and outcomes achieved from a SmartStyle leadership and management programme is considered and agreed.


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