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SmartStyle have extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of bespoke e-learning and blended learning solutions. Our expertise includes the rapid development of bespoke e-learning, which can be tracked and customised using Learning and Content Management Systems if required.

We use market leading technical authoring tools to create content which is interactive and stimulating, requiring the learner to engage in learning rather than “page turning”. Learners are presented with challenging questioning which forces them to explore features and functions or understand processes for themselves.

We have created e-learning to support IT implementation projects as well as process and soft skills implementation for clients in many industry sectors, including the Police, Local Government, manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceuticals and retail.

Bespoke E-learning

At SmartStyle, we design and build enjoyable, interactive e-learning, mapped to your specific learning objectives. From new IT systems to new legislation or new business and management processes, we will help you plan how to build, blend and deploy the learning.

Our development process and certified project management skills ensure the best possible educational and commercial outcomes.

E-learning projects include:

  • An interactive and engaging e-learning module developed and deployed to around 8,000 staff to communicate an organisation’s corporate values.
  • Refresher training for line managers to help identify and address harassment and bullying in the work place.
  • Introducing police officers to the principles of the Regulation of the Investigatory Powers Act.
  • Development of interactive learning to ease the transition to a new desktop environment for over 3000 users.


Blended Learning Solutions

We frequently combine instructor led provision with e-learning to provide a cohesive blended programme of learning. Projects that involve a variety of learning initiatives, including e-learning, classroom based workshops, 'Action Learning' and mentoring.

A blended programme is the optimum solution for achieving the most effective and best value results and ensuring skills are fully embedded. E-learning can provide accessible refresher learning opportunities to keep skills up to date going forward.


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