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The Know-How videos are a series of short videos created for use by Microsoft Office learners of all ability levels.


In this video we will show you how to use the 'Remove Duplicates' option in Excel and what things to look out for! Great for checking data when collating files together.


In this video we will explore how we can use the Excel Insert Table feature. Using this feature can make creating large, colourful tables with filter buttons much more efficient. Using a collection of themes to determine our table design.


To make Outlook much more tailored for our day to day responsibilities we can create 'Quick-Steps'. This will help us be more efficient when it comes to repetitive tasks and group emails.


Lucky enough to be going on Holiday or in an important meeting all day? Make sure your contacts know your availability with a simple Automated Reply as and when you receive new emails. We can then reply back to them when it is convenient.


To engage our audience there may be times where a shape can best reflect what we are trying to convey. We may also want to use SmartArt to create linked shapes and flowcharts.




In this video we will have a look at themes within Visio. By using themes we can quickly change the colours, effects, connectors styles and embellishments without having to change each element individually.


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